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The Honey Journey

Are you ready for a new challenge? Start your own Honey Business and earn what you are worth!

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 We are Sonja & George Fivaz and together we are #TeamFivaz and the Team Leaders for an amazing group of women & men. It is a profound purpose to own your own business and to oversee your own destiny. During your journey with Honey, we will be focussed on growing your earnings, increasing your opportunities, expanding your horizons, and empowering you financially and personally.

You are simply the best!

YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!! BETTER THAN ALL THE REST!! BETTER THAN ANYONE!! Here at Team Pink Tiaras, we not only work hard, we also play hard. We have just announced our TOP 10 Style Stations and Sales Consultants for the year 2016 / 2017!! We are super proud and in...

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Today is THAT day!

Have you ever thought ... I should do something to earn an extra income or I should get a new handbag or I should update my jewellery collection or I should really make time to spend with my family and friends? YES! Most of us move important things to the side line,...

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We ♥ our job!

We ♥ our job!! There are not a lot of people that can say: "I love my job!", but we are one of the lucky ones! We are Sonja & George Fivaz and we love our job!  Honey has truly created an opportunity for women to grow and flourish. If you are looking to change...

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Beautiful product display ideas

It has just been a week since our yearly Gala and Ultimate Collection 2017 / 2018 launch. Something that really stood out was the beautiful display. Modern, minimalistic and feminine ~ this is what Honey is all about. Why don't you try something special for your next...

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Sonja’s Honey story …

MY HONEY STORY! I AM SHARING THE LOVE ♥♥♥♥ It is now almost a year that I am with Honey! So much has happened... When I decided to join Honey I had absolutely no idea how I will make it work... I work full-time, Monday - Friday, 7-5. I live 65 km from work battling...

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When you join our team, you join more than just a team. You join a sisterhood of women who are achieving extraordinary things, women of style and worth doing it for themselves! We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team, and the wonderful world of Honey Fashion Accessories!

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Sonja & George Fivaz