This is how we roll

what you should know about us


Our business is built on love. We’re dreamers and doers who believe in relentlessly exploring what’s possible. We’re passionate, playful and deeply invested in our art.


Doesn’t matter what you want to create, experience, or make happen. We hold an unshakeable belief in possibility. That with humility, passion, and focus – we can make just about anything come to life.


We give everything 120% and then some. We’re obsessive about exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for you, ourselves, and each other.

WE sell things

We’re really proud to sell some of the best fashion accessories available in the world. Our goal is to have every customer feel blown-away by their experience and know they’re aligned with a company that truly cares about them for the long-haul.

trust is everything

We’re plain-speakers who mean what we say. We’re honest with our customers, our team and each other. If our Business Opportunity isn’t right for you, we’ll say so. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and work our tails off to make things right.

WE love our tribe

You’re the reason we exist. You help us create meaningful change in this world. We’re obsessive about our Tribe’s happiness, responding to emails, and working non-stop to make sure you feel as valued, respected, and appreciated as you truly are.

we have a kind people only policy

PITAs, trolls, and other ignoratos who demonstrate mean-spirited, dishonest, or douchetastic behavior are not welcome in our community. That also extends to any practice of specism, ageism, racism, sexism or any other ism that’s born from bigotry and hate.

WE are not for everyone

Our sense of humor is off-beat and our sense of optimism is unstoppable. We’re irreverent and straight-shooting. We take a strong stand for kindness and compassion for everyone. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

we have fun doing it all

Office mantra: if it ain’t fun, it won’t get done.