We ♥ our job!

Written by George Fivaz

My name is George Fivaz. I am a Honey Business Entrepreneur and I love what I do. To learn more about the Honey Business Opportunity, please visit www.teamfivaz.co.za/sc


We  our job!!

There are not a lot of people that can say: “I love my job!”, but we are one of the lucky ones! We are Sonja & George Fivaz and we love our job! 

Honey has truly created an opportunity for women to grow and flourish. If you are looking to change careers, earn an extra income or simply have fun and make new friends, then Honey is the place for you!

With Honey, there is no ceiling on your earnings, you are in charge of your own future! We have no horrible boss that decides your future and set terrible working hours ~ no battling Gauteng traffic ~ no unpleasant working environment ~ no shouting ~ no screaming ~ no over time ~ no daily grind!

At Honey we have fun!

Honey consists of women & men who encourage, motivate and support you to be the absolute best that you can be! At Honey we have fun whilst selling, recruiting, having parties, making new friends, growing and developing as Leaders & business owners and making women & men feel good about themselves! Best of all … we set our own hours! We determine our own future! And if we commit & work hard, we make lots and lots of sweet Honey money! 

Could you ask for more?

During the past 2016/2017 financial year, our team consisting of inspired Style Station Leaders and Sales Consultants did a turnover of R1.6+ million. What a phenomenal achievement for a brand new team! (We celebrated our 1 year team birthday in August 2017) We are super proud!!!

This just goes to show what happens when hard work and women supporting each other come together!


Honey Magic!

On our annual conference and Ultimate Collection 2017/2018 launch our team was recognized for:

  • TOP Building Bee Awards ~ 2nd Position Nationally

  • TOP Team Leaders Awards ~ 11th Position Nationally

  • New members to the prestigious Honey Millionaires Club

  • Honey Travel Bonus cheque of R15 000-00

Now tell me that you would not like to be part of a company that offers you all this & much much more! 

  1. We are more determined than ever to grow our Honey business! We are going straight to the TOP!

  2. We are more determined than ever to coach & support our Style Station Leaders & Sales Consultants!

  3. We are more determined than ever to achieve at the highest levels of success that we possibly can!

Our mantra for the next year is: “Either lead us, or follow us, or get the hell out of our way!”

We have already started to write our story!

Isn’t it time that you start writing yours?

To massive success & BIG DREAMS!!!!! & making dreams come true!!!

♥ Sonja & George Fivaz

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