We have been working on this project for the greater part of 6 months and finally, we are ready to launch the first of it’s kind to you, our valued customers. We are so proud to introduce MY HONEY BOX!


My Honey Box offers an exclusive monthly subscription service that gives you access to on-trend fashion accessories delivered to your closest Pargo delivery point every month. It is like having your own personal stylist at any time. No more spending hours shopping for items that match and compliment each other.

Looking and feeling like you just stepped off the cover of a glossy magazine should not be reserved for models and celebrities. We passionately believe that every woman is worthy of looking her best.  We are all mothers, daughters, sisters and friends, each with our own story…and we each DESERVE to look fabulous every day.

Our team of experts will bring you the latest and hottest accessory trends straight from the international runways and make it accessible and wearable, all the while teaching you how to incorporate it into your everyday style.


Every month our stylists will hand-pick a selection of the finest fashion accessories and we will deliver them to you from the 1st to the 10th of every month. We charge you a monthly fee of R399 (on the 25th of every month) which includes a stunning Honey Box and delivery.


Simply visit our website www.teamfivaz.co.za/myhoneybox to learn more or sign up!

Now all you have to do a wait for your Honey Box to be delivered and it’s time for you to look and feel fabulous!

Lots of Honey Hugs
♥♥♥ George & Sonja