It’s 2001.  I just got married and George and I were both working for very very small salaries, I was unhappy in my job as a restaurant manager and wanted more, not only money but also as a person.

I just got married and George and I were both working for very very small salaries, I was unhappy in my job as a restaurant manager and wanted more, not only money but also as a person.

I was a mere 26 years old at the time, with very little business experience let alone any Sales experience…. Nevertheless, I saw an advert in our local newspaper about Honey seeking Sales Consultants and I’d thought I would give it a go! I met with my Team Leader, Verna, paid my R249 for my Business starter bag, was super excited and off I went back home… although totally excited about my new venture, I had absolutely no idea what on earth I had to do…

All I knew was, that this WILL happen! I don’t believe in giving up on anything (ok, maybe diets….) and I knew I had to figure things out. I had a catalogue in my hand and now I needed to approach people to get a sale! Well for me the obvious choice was to get people that I know to buy from me, with the idea in the back of my head that maybe, they will know someone that I can show my catalogue to and then I can maybe do another sale! Back in those days, performance was key! You didn’t want to be at the bottom ever!! Just wasn’t on!! So I had to get off my ass and had to do something that I at least end up in the middle somewhere!!!

After 3 weeks of only showing my book here and there, I finally got my first order for R250, I was over the moon! That one order gave me such a mental boost that I immediately ordered additional catalogues as I knew right there and then that if one book can bring me orders of R250, then 10 books should give me orders of R2500 which meant I earned R500!

And this is how my journey started! I was selling up a storm! Left my job within 3 months after I started with Honey to do it full-time and I really worked my butt off! I was busy every single day! My personal rule was that I do not go to bed unless I have sold something for the day! All those orders tallied up and I actually turned my sideline job into a full-time career. Eventually Honey offered me the Team Leader Opportunity (those days we didn’t have the fabulous Style Station Opportunity that we have these days) and I grabbed it with both hands!

I recruited my first sales consultant and then another and then another, and us 4 really went for it and worked like there is no tomorrow, Saturday after Saturday we would host displays at women’s houses where they will invite some friends over for tea and cake and I will do a small display on her coffee table or dining room table or even in the kitchen! Wherever we could find a small space and over time things just got better and better.

By then I was the sole breadwinner, all thanks to Honey and lots of hard work!

But there was something missing in my business… I had no free time as I was doing all the work myself, I was not earning more money but I was working harder than ever, and I just didn’t understand what the problem was… My thought was that I was in it for myself…. I wasn’t really bothered about sharing the opportunity with other women, making my own workload lighter while at the same time also giving other women the opportunity to also grow and become empowered…. I didn’t think of my business in that light, cause what if…. Someone sold more than me…… found a better client than me….also grow a team and become independent…  all these things were going on behind the scenes and I just couldn’t see that I was making one of the biggest mistakes of my entire life without even knowing it!

Eventually, in late 2007, early 2008, the bubble burst… my business was slowly dying and I realized it too late… I wasn’t recruiting anymore, so no new blood, no new network was joining my team, I was working harder than ever but couldn’t do the work that 20 people should be sharing in…. and eventually I was faced with the heartbreaking reality that I messed up the greatest opportunity that ever came on my path and I couldn’t fix it…. I was so overworked and got lost….

Now here is the sad part, instead of fighting back and seeing the bigger picture, I simply gave up on my dream and walked away….

It took me another 8 years to realize that I just miss Honey so much and that I actually had to go on another path so that I could grow as a person and learn about life and how tough life gets some days….

I wasn’t even planning on ever joining Honey again, but George and I were driving back from work one day and we were talking about things that we would like to do if we had a choice and I wasn’t really serious as we were talking nonsense like only we can do J , but suddenly out of the blue, George said to me, “You should sell Honey again, you were truly happy when you did that”, I was so shocked but at the same time I had butterflies in my stomach… we left it there…

After about a week I couldn’t stop thinking about it, every night before I would go to sleep, I was thinking about it and wondering how it will be to be part of such a wonderful opportunity after such a long time….

Eventually, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and one afternoon I said to George I’m going to do it…and he was shocked… that was middle May of this year!

I was so nervous to make contact and find out if I can join Honey as a Sales Consultant, I eventually did it and Debbie and Honey welcomed me with open arms and within days I was selling Honey again! Of course with no network of clients, no sales consultants NOTHING!!

To get that first recruit was such a mission! I hounded Sune and Elanie (they were part of my team way back) until they gave in and joined my team! From the get go, I knew things were going to be different, that I will not be keeping this opportunity for myself and that I will make it my sole mission to share Honey with as many women as I possibly can and that nothing will ever be too hard to do!

Having a very demanding full-time job, working away from home, having to work after hours….. IT’S ALL WORTH IT!!!!

As a Style Station, YOU have the opportunity to grow your own little business in the safety of my team! You can’t fail! You are safe here and for me, it is important that you grow and become strong and successful and that Honey becomes a rewarding experience for you!

YES, it is hard work!

YES, it can be challenging!

YES, it takes a lot of effort and commitment!

Can Honey change your life? YES! YES! YES!!!

In the past 3 months, I have seen how Honey changed lives in such a short period of time! It is absolutely amazing! And my dream is to see all of you be the strong, independent, successful woman you should be!!!

My wish for you is to DREAM BIG! and GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!

Lots of love



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