Sonja’s Honey story …

Written by George Fivaz

My name is George Fivaz. I am a Honey Business Entrepreneur and I love what I do. To learn more about the Honey Business Opportunity, please visit




It is now almost a year that I am with Honey! So much has happened…

When I decided to join Honey I had absolutely no idea how I will make it work… I work full-time, Monday – Friday, 7-5. I live 65 km from work battling through Joburg traffic every day.

What I DID KNOW was that I was seeking an opportunity that will afford me the chance to build a substantial business!

I had absolutely no idea where to start. I had no one to sell to, I had no sales consultants, I had nothing!
But I made a decision that I will not stand in my own way! I joined up, bought a pile of catalogues (with no one to give it to) and off I went.

I’m now a Style Station Leader! A very pristine title in my opinion which I very much liked! I felt that this title of Style Station gave me a huge sense of responsibility and I had no option than to continue on my chosen path. I knew one thing and that is, if I’m going to do this I’m going to do a proper job.

Still had no one to give my pile of catalogs too, but I had to sell and recruit and I had to do it fast as I only had 2 months to the end of the Honey financial year and I suddenly realized that I have a bigger dream.

I wanted to build an empire of women being empowered through Honey. With only the hour to and from work, my lunch hour and all the hours of the night at my disposal, I got to work and with the pile of catalogues collecting dust in my study, I turned to social media, Facebook and WhatsApp to get the job done.

I posted a few ads for new sales consultants and I sent messages to every single contact on my phone telling them that I’m selling Honey and asked if I can send them pictures. I had no clue about groups and broadcasts so u was sending pictures one by one.

My nerves were shot waiting in anticipation for that first order to come in! Over the moon when it happened!!

I knew I had to keep on pushing! I never knew I could actually go with so little sleep!

When I recruited my first Sales Consultant, I was over the moon Sune Welch Hugo, thanks for saying yes! And then things just happened!

In our first month, we did group Sales of R22,000!

And our efforts paid off as we ended in 2nd place Nationally at our annual conference held in July.

Since then my life has totally changed, I still have my full-time job, but I also have my full-time Honey career! My husband George also came on board full time and within 9 months our team has already done R1 mil in sales!!

I am still humbled by this experience and are very honored to have a wonderful group of women who are true team players and fully embrace the Honey Opportunity!

If I can sum it all up…


(To find out what I did to achieve these turnovers and more exact figures, please click here)

Lots and lots of Honey Hugs

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