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meet sonja & george fivaz

Since 2015

Our journey with Honey started with a need. All we knew is that we wanted to change our current situation, get out of the corporate rat race, and build a business of worth. And because we did not have funds to buy a franchise or established business we knew that Direct Selling was the way to go as you need very little start-up capital to join a Direct Selling Company.

Every single person out there has a need:

  • You maybe need financial,
  • You maybe need acceptance,
  • You maybe need belonging or maybe just beautiful things;

Whatever it is that you need is, Honey has a way of satisfying that need.

When we joined Honey in 2015, we had no clients and no idea how to sell or where to start with our brand new adventure.

And over the past years, those skills that we needed were enhanced and we have been able to grow.

“Never in our wildest dreams have we imagined that this small opportunity would grow into a business that is has grown into today.”

During our journey with Honey, we have enjoyed financial freedom, we have been able to purchase property. We have been able to leave our corporate careers behind, and today we work for ourselves in the comfort of our home-based office.

Because we are able to run our Honey Business anywhere in South Africa where you have an internet connection, we decided to move from Gauteng into our dream home in beautiful Port Edward in sunny KwaZulu-Natal.

Now every morning starts with a walk on one of our beautiful beaches.

Nowadays we love going to the office, to start a busy day, because we love what we do.

During the past couple of years, we have been teaching other people how to do the same thing. 

Finding out what their needs is, trying to understand how much money it is that they need to earn each month, and working with them on how with Honey they too can achieve what they need to achieve.

We are looking forward to chatting with you about your Honey journey.

Ready to make a change? Remember: No journey can start if you don’t take that very first step! 

Sonja & George
Honey Entrepreneurs

 Career Highlights

During our journey with Honey we have been very fortunate. Through hard work, commitment, and dedication to our dreams, we have won prizes, received awards, cash bonuses, travel incentives, and beautiful gifts and certificates.

Our greatest reward & achievement is to see the women and men whose lives we have touched through the Honey Business Opportunity stretch their wings, and grow exceptional businessesOur proudest moments is to see our Sales Consultants, Style Station Leaders and Butterflies achieve their goals, and turn their dreams into reality.

Although we might not always be able to see one another every day, we have built an online community of women and men who really cares about one another. We support one another and share our dreams and visions. We celebrate our successes, and we are allowed to fail without judgement. Because of our failures we come out stronger … because without failure we will never learn, adapt, change, and embrace our beautiful futures.

We invite women from all walks of life to join us on our beautiful journey. Come and be part of our vibrant community where you are allowed to dream big, be successful, fail, cry, stand-up, express, and be happy. You don’t need special skills or look or act in a particular way ~ we just want you to be uniquely YOU! Come fly with us and change the world one stunning pair of earrings at a time.