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The Honey Journey

Are you ready for a new challenge? Start your own Honey Business and earn what you are worth!

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 We are Sonja & George Fivaz and together we are #TeamFivaz and the Team Leaders for an amazing group of women & men. It is a profound purpose to own your own business and to oversee your own destiny. During your journey with Honey, we will be focussed on growing your earnings, increasing your opportunities, expanding your horizons, and empowering you financially and personally.

What to do with your old catalogues?

New catalogues are coming out soon... now, what to do with all your old catalogues? If you’re a consultant who, like me, has extra catalogues from the previous collection, these are still very valuable! Just because they are outdated, does not mean you can't still use...

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How to WOW your customers!

How to Wow Your Customers You’ve most likely had memorable customer service experiences, both good and bad.  How did your impressions of those businesses influence your decision to return? A customer’s experience has virtually everything to do with whether or not he...

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Our product is pure Honey

OUR PRODUCT IS PURE HONEY Honey Management places a special focus on our products, and this ensures that our range is up-to-date and in line with international trends. We offer a wide range of styles and designs from classic to contemporary fashion for men, women and...

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The Honey Quality Guarantee

CARE AND GUARANTEE Honey jewellery affords you the opportunity to create different look every day, with or without your fine jewellery, but do remember, costume jewellery should be worn as an “occasional” enhancement. You should not expect to wear our products as you...

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My Honey Journey ~ The full circle

YES!! IT IS POSSIBLE!! AND YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!! This week I thought I'd share a bit about how I started my Honey journey and how I became a Honey Team Leader in just 2 months! Start doing planning from day 1. You need to know what you are working for and where you...

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When you join our team, you join more than just a team. You join a sisterhood of women who are achieving extraordinary things, women of style and worth doing it for themselves! We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team, and the wonderful world of Honey Fashion Accessories!

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