Have you always wanted to do something just for you?
Do you need a change of direction?
Do you need a change of pace?
Would you like to own your own business?
Would you like awards, recognition, inspiration, and be surrounded by women & men that only have your best interest at heart?

You can have all this and so much more!

When you join our Honey family & team as a Sales Consultant you get so much more than you have ever dreamt of ~ Support, training, motivation, friendship, a fantastic business opportunity, space to breathe, space to grow, challenges, new opportunities and best of all RECOGNITION FOR YOUR HARD WORD AND ACHIEVEMENTS!

The Honey journey

Step 1: The Honey Sales Consultant Opportunity. We would love for you to join our team and experience a whole new world. Start out at your own pace by selling Honey to friends, family, and co-workers. We will train you, support you, and motivate you along your journey.

Step 2: The Honey Style Station Opportunity. Recruit a friend or two to sell with you and take up the Honey Style Station “mini” business opportunity and experience the joys of “passive earnings” as you now also earn on your group sales.

Step 3: The Honey Team Leader Opportunity. Continue with your journey, bring in more sales consultants into your business and before you know it you are ready to start your very own Honey Team Leader business, where you earn between 16% and 24% on your group sales. You able to develop new Style Stations and empower butterflies to leave your nest and start their own full-fledged Honey businesses.

Step 4: Honey Mentor. Now that you have been growing your Honey business and those of others, you are ready to embark on a very exciting journey as a Honey Mentor.  As soon as you and your network of Sales Consultants, Style Stations and Butterflies do a turnover of RX Million per year, you can advance your career yet one more level.

Please get in contact with us and discuss your Honey career with us! We would love for you to experience the joys of owning your own business and being in control of your own future!

We would love for you to fire your horrible boss and take control of the destinies of yourself, your children and your family! We are here to support you, guide you, and motivate you!

When you are prepared to work hard you too can experience financial freedom!

♥ George & Sonja

PS. It all starts with that very first step – sign up and be part of our world – www.teamfivaz.co.za/sc



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