What to do with your old catalogues?

Written by George Fivaz

My name is George Fivaz. I am a Honey Business Entrepreneur and I love what I do. To learn more about the Honey Business Opportunity, please visit www.teamfivaz.co.za/sc


New catalogues are coming out soon… now, what to do with all your old catalogues?

If you’re a consultant who, like me, has extra catalogues from the previous collection, these are still very valuable!

Just because they are outdated, does not mean you can’t still use them!

Put your contact information sticker on the back, and in big bold marker, write: “This one is old, but here’s what to do.  Call me today, and I’ll show you what’s new!”

Then, leave them anywhere there is a waiting room or people congregate, or anywhere you typically see people reading magazines:  doctor offices, dentist offices, hair or nail salons, or even company break rooms or cafeterias.

Don’t leave your business card; they are too small and will get lost.

But people may browse the catalogue, or even take it home with them.  This will expand your reach, and hit a market that is likely within your target demographic.

Let those old catalogues work for you!

HOT TIP: How about tearing your catalogue apart using the individual pages as flyers with the same message as above!!!

Honey Hugs
Sonja & George


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